Natural Wedding Photographer

All You Need Is Love………


Hi, I'm Pete!

So about me? Well asides from photography what is there to know about me! 

  • Music is probably my biggest passion- I shoot bands/artists too! 
  • I spend way too much money on vinyl records
  • I have a minor obsession with boots.
  • My favourite city is Paris and I kind of wish I was French
  • I love film, I spend half my life daydreaming about living in a Wes Anderson film!

But how did I get into weddings and why do I love being a wedding photographer so much I hear you ask! 

My love for wedding photography began whilst at university studying photography and film when a close friend of mine invited me along to shoot a wedding. From then on I've been hooked! 

Weddings allow me to be creative, to have fun and most importantly meet the most awesome couples ever! My approuch to weddings means that I'll be with you for the day, not in the way but capturing every moment in the most natural, unobtrusive way possible! 

I'm here to make your wedding as fun and stress-free as I can because if your happy then I promise your images will show this and you'll be able to look over them for years to come, all with a big smile on your faces!