Year In Review ~ 2018

Year In Review ~ 2018

(enter year here) What year!

I’m pretty sure I’ve started most of my year in reviews this way. So I wanted to do things a bit differently this time, there’s a reason this blog is super late. I’ve spent the time reflecting on the year and what I can take away from it. Whilst my weddings were all amazing (I only shoot the best, don’t you know!) I think I’ve started to obsess over the numbers rather than the experience. Experience and meeting new people is the reason I started shooting weddings, getting to be apart of a couples adventure is still so amazing! But I found that coming into this year my biggest concern was just getting X amount for this year and the next to come. And whilst the more weddings the better because I LOVE weddings, I never wanted this to be a numbers game. It’s a terrible way to run a business but I do this for more than just money. I think because of this I haven’t done as much photography in other areas like I have in previous years. In 2017, I was shooting a lot of live shows and band promo work which I haven’t really chased this last year. This is a massive shame since music is such a passion of mine!


Amongst all of this negativity, 2018 has been massive. My weddings have been incredible, I’ve met so many awesome couples and guests. I’ve shot with people I have admired for years and finally I have bought a house! I’m super stoke about the house even if it has been a constant stream of money and problems since day one. But I’m sure we’ll get there.

As always a massive thank you to everyone whose been involved in making 2018 a good one! Have a look below to see some of my favourite frames from the year, some which might not have made an appearance yet!