Documentary Wedding Photography Filled With Love!

Ahoy There!

Hi *waves enthusiastically*
I'm so stoked that you want to get to know the guy behind the camera!

When I’m not being a professional lurker then I’ll be eating my bodyweight in pizza & fries! I love music (everything from The Kills to Doja Cat) Film & Tv (Kurosawa, Edgar Wright, LOTR & The Witcher) and I even dabble in playing guitar, much to the dissatisfaction of my neighbours.

My passion for art and cinematography is what inspired my photography style and passion for storytelling through this medium!

My Style & Approach

My approach to wedding photography is super unobtrusive to the point where I often class myself as a “professional lurker”. You’ll never hear me barking orders at guests or yourselves, I’m often referred as “being like a guest”

My style is warm and vibrant focusing on the big moments as well as the small, in between moments (that sometimes get missed in the whirlwind that is a wedding day). 

I don’t want my couples to worry about having their picture taken (trust me I know how this feels) so I’ll never ask you to do something that feels forced or cringey! The connection you both share is what’s important and that’s what I aim to capture!

Weddings I Love!

I’m open to photographing anyones wedding regardless of size or style; to me, everybody’s love story deserves to be told!

During my near decade in the industry I’ve met so many amazing couples and shot in every kind of venue from stately homes, wedding barns to tipis and breweries. All that I ask is that we share the same vision for capturing your day.

I make sure to get to know my couples really well as I believe if you’re comfortable around me, you’ll be comfortable in front of the camera!

Questions & Answers

What experience do you have?

I've been a professional wedding photographer since 2015 and before that I spent 2 years second shooting for other wedding photographers all over the country. Prior to that I was at University for photography & film.

How soon should we get in touch?

ASAP! If you like my work and think I'm your guy then get in touch. I only take on a certain number of weddings each year, this way I'm not overrun and can give each wedding the attention it needs!

How far do you travel?

I have a car and I have a passport so absolutely anywhere really.

Do we meet before the wedding?

I always want to make sure that we've had a good chat and get on well before the big day whether it be face to face or via Facetime/Skype. I'll also keep in touch in the lead up to the wedding, this makes everyone more relaxed and means on the day you'll be comfortable having me around!

How long do you stay for?

On a full day it can be anything from 10-14 hours, I try not to limit my full day packages; I'll arrive as early as you need me and leave when you're done. I can't bear to clock watch!

Do you do group shots?

I do but I try not to spend hours on them and instead focus on the real magic of your day! I always ask for a list of 5-10 group shots you'd like.

Can we see a full wedding?

Of course you can! Whilst my blog is filled with a border selection of images, please don't hesitate to ask and I'd be happy send over full galleries!

Can you pencil us in/hold our date?

Unfortunately I can't hold a date without a deposit however I will notify you if someone else enquires about your date.